AtheiDate.com is based in Michigan and was launched in July of 2012 after noticing that most singles site have some religious bend and none cater specifically to Atheist and Agnostic singles.  Most dating sites today fall into one of two categories.  The first category includes sites which are free or very inexpensive with very few features, potential privacy risks and too small to have a decent chance of meeting a like minded match.  The second is very big, bells and whistles, expensive and most disturbing harboring policies which make it difficult to communicate with your potential matches.  Our goal is to provide a place where it's easy to meet other free thinking singles and avoid the religious bend of so many of the other dating sites out there.

We provide a safe place for Atheist and Agnostic Singles to meet others online, and are the only national Atheist and Agnostic dating site.  We have systems in place to protect your privacy (see our Privacy Policy ) and are making every attempt to provide everything the larger sites do and then some.  This site has been written in house and we continue to make improvements on a daily basis.  We are confident we will be able to provide the best online dating experience for Atheist and Agnostic Singles bar none.